Celebrities who have spent nights in jail more than attending award shows

The lives of the rich and famous may be glamorous, but money can’t buy innocence and happiness. Some celebrities have been arrested more time than you cant even imagine. From the notorious Lindsay Lohan, who was charged with four felonies in two different states, to O. J. Simpson, who was accused of murdering his wife, these celebrities have been in the news more often because of their bad behavior.

This list is the proof that looks and fame don’t necessarily equal a glamorous life worthy of envy. The popular personalities in the photos below are notorious for their antics: drug possession, fights, even murder. Not to mention, a photo taken at night during a DUI arrest that graces the covers of magazines the next day is unlikely to be successful. Here’s a list of stars who have who have been in jail more than in any award show.

Michelle Rodriguez

 The Avatar and Fast and Furious  star has had several arrests, mostly related to DUI charges. In 2002, Michelle was arrested for assaulting her roommate. A year later, Rodriguez went on trial for several accidents she caused by getting behind the wheel drunk. And from the scene of the accident, she invariably ran away, because even before she was deprived of a license for drunken driving. During the filming of “Lost in the Life” Hawaii, she was caught several times by police for driving with excessive speed. In 2005, she was caught drunk driving again and was sentenced to five days in jail. But since she was still on probation, the infraction resulted in a new sentence of two months in jail, a month of forced alcohol treatment and a month of community service. Unlike many star offenders, Michelle was able to pull herself together and now does not confront the law.

Lindsay Lohan

No list of down-and-out celebrities would be complete without Lindsay Lohan. She first appeared in a movie in 1998 in The Parent Trap, and the world quickly fell in love with the charming freckled 11-year-old. But by 2007, Lindsay had become better known for her reckless behavior. The list of the actress’ criminal record is comparable to the number of her roles in movies. She has been caught drinking and driving many times also was convicted of drug possession, assault, probation violation. The arrest for stealing a $25,000 necklace from a jeweler store in Venice made a lot of noise. Just when we thought Lindsay had finally calmed down, in 2014 she sabotaged her own reality show, produced by Oprah Winfrey. It’s safe to say that whenever Lohan’s name makes headlines, it’s about scandal.

Charlie Sheen

charlie sheen

 Charlie Sheen has earned the title of bad guy thanks to his numerous relationships with prostitutes, accusations of domestic violence and other immoral antics. In 2011, he was fired from the TV series “Two and a Half Men” for “dangerous self-destructive behavior,” according to a letter released by legal counsel Warner Bros Television. Years of partying and immoral behavior caught up with this self-proclaimed bad boy in 2016, when the legendary womanizer was forced to announce that he actually contracted HIV after unprotected sex with prostitutes.

R. Kelly

R. Kelly

R. Kelly, the king of R&B, has been arrested three times in his 27-year career, making him more famous for his criminal record than his music. Kelly was a rising star when he was first arrested in 1996 after a fight at a gym in Lafayette, Louisiana, leading to a year-long probation. His next arrest came just two years later, in 1998, when he was charged with three counts of hooliganism. But Kelly’s most famous and shocking arrest came in 2002, when a video of R. Kelly and a 14-year-old girl. The singer found himself at the centre of court proceedings, with the number of girls “offended” by him rising to twenty-one over time. After numerous delays, a court case was finally held in 2008, and R. Kelly was found not guilty on all counts.

Jay Z


While Jay Z may not win the maximum number of arrests on this list (and has definitely won more actual awards than others), his felony charges make him one of the most vicious offenders. Rap star Jay Z was arrested in New York City in December 1999 for stabbing music producer Lance Rivera at a Manhattan nightclub. The rapper pleaded guilty in 2001 and was sentenced to three years’ suspended imprisonment.

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