Seven Types of women you should date

Not all yoghurts are equally useful, not all women are the same in love… I will explain a few types of female desire, which, from my point of view, occur most often…

This little “girl” can be any number of years old: she could be 19, she could be 42. The main thing about her is not her age or appearance, but her desire to give responsibility and the initiative in sex to a man. Most of her life such a woman is in a passive expectation of the dominant, who will take over. At the same time she may be married, and for years to pretend to be quiet, and have passionate animal sex only on the side.

Often prefers men older, stronger, larger, if possible higher in social status, but this is not necessary. The main thing is the tendency of the man to manage, control, and a slight touch of sadism. Easily agree to his man’s proposals, but she lacks initiative, and rarely initiates sexual relations, if only at the behest of his master. Once in the right hands, she is ready for any experiments, even dangerous to health. Rough experiences a break with a dominant man, and can do much to get him back, even if linked to the rogue.

This Woman is bright and independent, used to rely on themselves and lead, including in sex. Often copies men’s clothing style, men’s habits, and even experiments with sexual orientation. Such a lady has no problem in seducing both men and women, and the list of her love victories can go into the hundreds. Happy to try new things in sex, starts up exquisite and complex experiments.

Priestess of the Night
No, this is not the one who eats at night or take canons of proper nutrition. We are talking about women who voluntarily and quite consciously serve an ancient pagan goddess, even without realizing it themselves.

The constant change of partners, search for new sexual impressions become the meaning of life for this woman, and she would rather be shot than monogamy. Sex has no material function for her, she is not a prostitute who is willing to overcome some disgust for money. Priestesses are enthusiastic, exalted enthusiasts, forever seeking new heights.

A priestess is incredibly proactive, super interested in a man. She is ready to pay extra to possess the object of his passion. She is not afraid of falling into the abyss – who cares if an hour or two or three of this new body will sing in her hands. And the new energy will flow into her through her lower chakra. Priestesses often have the appropriate sexual constitution to have dozens of orgasms a night.

Men unmistakably smell priestesses by their strongest sexual energy, even if they just sit nearby and do nothing. Especially sensitive ones are even afraid of them, feeling them as an ancient, unavoidable evil. Others seek them out, but the priestess always chooses herself. Her dance is white.

She is that beautiful lady from shy boyhood dreams. Often very beautiful, but nowhere near as hot as she seems. The princess gets the most pleasure from the romantic stage of a relationship and strives to prolong it as long as possible.

She can be quite active in social life, not stupid (stupid people are not beautiful, except at the age of 17) and even successful. Princesses are rushed to help, carry a heavy suitcase, they are happy to take a job on and all sorts of parties, they are promoted, even without getting anything in return. For pretty eyes, that’s what they are.

Princess has reached such heights in the art of conquest and seduction. she can live a fairly normal sex life for years with the man she loves and not even try to look left. The only thing you can’t forbid her is coquetry. Without an audience, the princess withers and loses energy. However, allowing herself to turn men’s heads, such a woman can remain attractive even at a very mature age.

This type of women is for some reason describe most often, although from the total number of women it is a paltry percentage. These are women interested primarily in the material encouragement of their sexuality. Subconsciously, and sometimes quite consciously, they want to be paid for their love. And they measure the sincerity of a man’s feelings in the price of his gifts. Usually, they conflict with the lady of the night, considering them “cheap rent girls” and do not understand how they can waste themselves for free. They can be different in sex, cold and hot, but they all have one thing in common: a love of nits. Such ladies lead the development of dozens of men at a time, so it seems that they have swamped the whole world. But that, to put it mildly, is not the case.

Such girls usually mature quite late, don’t give their parents any trouble by coming home late, and generally have little interest in the topic of gender relations.
They are interested in higher tasks than just having children and getting married, such as social activities, science, or art. Such a girl can be a good wife of a captain of a long voyage. During six months of his absence, she will not once remember about sex. That happens too, though it’s rare.

Have you ever met anyone like that? Maybe you forgot someone else? Complement from your experience!

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