Things that you should not do after lockdown is over!

It’s been over 2 months that we are in lockdown, and are waiting for everything to get back to normal. As much as we are excited to go out and live a normal life, we must not forget a few things. Well, the virus is still there and anyone can get affected. We must practice social distancing by heart and keep ourselves and our families safe. It is better to take precautions as life won’t be back to normal any soon, even after lockdown is lifted up. You have to still take care of your health. So, today I am here with a list of things that you should not do after lockdown:

•    Don’t go without facemasks

Now soon shopping malls and nonessential businesses will start to open, which means social distancing should be followed by both customers and sellers.  Do not go out without masks on your face. You can buy masks for chemist or online, or for more comfortable masks you can make one at home. Whether you are going out to buy something or going to the office, don’t forget to wear masks.

•    Don’t throw a party or go to the bar

I know we all are dying to party and dance but this should not be the first thing to do after lockdown. You should not that social distancing norms are adopted for a reason and that is to prevent the spread of this deadly disease. Hosting a party at home or going to a pub after reopening, will bring people together in a room, which is what you must avoid. It will be an opportunity for the virus to spread. So avoid going to crowded places.

•    Don’t stop washing your hands

Washing hands is a practice that we must never stop. Even before this virus hit us, I had a habit of washing my hands frequently. Unhygienic hands lead to many health issues. Even after the lockdown is over, you should continue to practice this common hygiene. Washing hands is an important way to keep this disease at bay and minimizing your risk of getting infected. Whenever you touch anything, meet anyone, or eat something, wash your hands immediately.

•    Don’t plan a vacation

Remember that the movement of people from one country to another is the only reason for the widespread of this disease. Even if the lockdown rules are lifted, try not to plan a sudden family vacation for a few months, or entire 2020 now. It is better to stay home and stays safe rather than risking your life and traveling.

•    Don’t stop, maintain respiratory health in public places

The way we are asked to cover our mouth while coughing and sneezing, keep following the same. Never cough without covering your mouth. These small things will help us in fighting this pandemic.

•    Don’t go to restaurants

I know we all are waiting to go out and dine in restaurants, but this is not the first thing to do after lockdown lifts. You never know how many people are visiting the restaurant and how safe it is to go out there. Though all the food outlets are practicing all the necessary safety measures, still you should wait for some more time.  If you have some bad cravings then you can order food online. But make sure you follow all the necessary measures before consuming the food.

Stay safe! And be cautious!

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