Wedding delayed due to lockdown? How to utilize this time

If your wedding has been canceled due to lockdown, you are not alone. Worldwide many couples are affected due to this pandemic. Well, alot of people had to cancel their wedding plans, don’t lose your heart. We all are together in this and soon you will get married when the world is back to normal.

Yes, we know, canceling of your wedding plan means you have to wait a little longer to marry the love of your life and it also means that you can’t go on dates now. However, take this opportunity positively. And utilize your time by planning your wedding. So, here are some ways to use your time in lockdown:

•    Accessorize

We often ignore the smaller details in order to get all the stuff done. Spend this lockdown time wisely and consider revising your accessories and style for the big day. 

•    Search for venues

With so many weddings being postponed due to COVID-19, the calendars of vendors are being rescheduled way more in advance. So before it is too late, starting hunting for your wedding venue.

•    Decide the new date

Just because the next few months are unpredictable this doesn’t mean you can’t lock your wedding date. Vendors are already getting booked so make sure you decide a new date ASAP.

•    Work on your makeup skills

Every couple has to visit a lot of places after getting married, so which you need to get ready. In lockdown practice different makeup looks and hairstyles, which you can try after getting married.

•    Season change

If your wedding has been postponed there are chances that there will be a season change now. So, if you were wearing velvet, try to reconsider the choice as per the current decided season.  Also, change the food choices from your caterer.

•    Get in touch with your vendors

Contact your wedding suppliers and ask them all the details about how they plan on representing you more authentically. Chat with your photographers on a personal level and share your story. This way photographer can understand how to capture you on your big day. Also, stay in touch with your decorators and keep them updated about your likings.

•    Skincare routine

We know every bride pays a lot of attention to their skincare routine. You have got more time to prep your skin before the wedding, so use it wisely.

•    Fill in your carts

Girls can’t get enough of shopping. So, start shopping online and fill up your carts already. Here are chances that things might get out of stock, later. So choose everything that you need.

•    Pay attention to your mental health

A healthy bride is a happy bride. For some time you can keep aside all the blues and just relax.

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