Why celebrate and How to celebrate – International Women’s day

March 8 is “International Women’s Day,” a holiday of spring and attention to women. On this day we are free from work, and our “beautiful soulmates” expect some signs of attention, flowers and gifts from us. We enjoy the holiday, not particularly delving into its meaning.

This day was not conceived as a day to glorify a beautiful lady, this day was for the female revolutionary. Some newspapers also called this day “the day of the Women’s Workers’ International”, it is a holiday of women striving to be equal in rights with men, it is a day of emancipation. But today, this holiday has lost its historical purpose.

What exactly this day is and why it is celebrated:

In America on March 8, 1857, women workers in clothing and shoe factories in New York rallied to demonstrate. They demanded shorter working hours, better working conditions, and equal wages with men. Women at the time worked up to 16 hours a day, receiving pennies for their work. Men, after strong speeches, managed to achieve the introduction of a 10-hour working day. Union organizations sprang up in many businesses in the United States. And after March 8, 1857, another one was formed – for the first time its members were women. On that day, in many cities of New York, hundreds of women marched at the demonstration, demanding the right to vote.

Why celebrate and How to celebrate - International Women's day

 P.S. Many people doubt that this holiday is an “international” one. However, back in 1977, the UN adopted resolution 32/142, calling on all countries to proclaim March 8 as a day of struggle for women’s rights – International Women’s Day. This day was declared a national holiday in the republics of the former Soviet Union, as well as in Angola, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Cambodia, China, Laos, Macedonia, Mongolia, Nepal, North Korea and Uganda. In Syria, March 8 is Revolutionary Day, and in Liberia, it is Memorial Day.

Here are few things to pamper yourself this women’s day:

A day at the SPA

If you are 100% emotionally burned out over the winter and need a reset. So devote a whole day to rest and self-care, forget about all the problems and enjoy different beauty treatments in the SPA. Take a load off shoulders at massage, make peeling, wrapping or phytotherapy, take a steam bath or relax in a water-thermal pool… Just enjoy your pleasure!

How to celebrate - International Women's day

Floristry master class

March 8 is a holiday that is impossible to imagine without flowers. No one gave you a bouquet? Make one yourself! Take your girlfriends and go to a floristry master class. Or painting. Or cooking. Learn a new skill and have fun!


You don’t have to sign up with a professional photographer, have a home photoshoot yourself: invite your best friend over, open Instagram, get inspired, and then create! You can do something very creative: a photoshoot in the bathroom with your BFF, for example.

How to celebrate - International Women's day


International Women’s Day wants to devote itself to truly girly things. Run through the stores looking for new clothes or makeup… Oh, yes! Treat yourself with some new clothes, you’re worth it!

Boardgame night

If you haven’t seen your friends in a while, dedicate the day to them. Forget about social networks, invite your friends over (or get together at the café) and have an evening of board games: “Mafia”, “Monopoly”, “Imaginarium”, “Cluedo”, “UNO”… We guarantee: the time spent playing, will fly by unnoticed and extremely fun.


Put on an elegant dress, get your hair styled and head to the theatre like a lady in fashion for a social event… Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Pick a play that doesn’t bore you and hit the ground running (theatres have been closed all year due to the coronavirus, so it’s time to enjoy them after such a long cultural hiatus).

How to celebrate - International Women's day

Film Marathon

Microwave popcorn, your favorite plaid, scented candles and a hundred million shows and movies you’ve been meaning to watch but never got around to. Go ahead, you have 24 hours to devote to new shows.

Tell us how you would like to spend this Women’s day:

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