I wish I could have enjoyed my last trip more!

2019 was a travel year for me; I visited many places including Goa, Shimla, Jaipur, and some more. I remember how my friends asked to extend the vacation for 2 days! I wonder why I did not agree with them.

Inside note: That Goa trip was pending from years, which finally happened!

What about now? I don’t know when I will be able to go on a trip next time?

I just keep thinking about last time I went for a vacation and that if I had known we will be stuck inside our homes for this long, I would have enjoyed more there.

I would have stayed for long

I would have booked that best hotel,

And I would have tried all the famous food in that place.

Since my last trip was to Shimla, I enjoyed my life’s first-ever snowfall, I wish I could have enjoyed more there.

But isn’t it human nature that we realize things when we are done with them and they are over. We always want something that we can’t have. We are also having dreams about travel and food, all the things that we are missing right now. This is just psychological, and you are not alone in this!

I also regret not waking up early in the morning to watch that beautiful sunrise, and I was too lazy to go for a trek.

If this way lockdown keeps extending, I think going to the office will be a great vacation for all of us.

The sunset of hills,

The sound of the ocean,

The mandatory padho wali maggi,

And a hot cup of tea

All this seems to be a dream now.

The biggest lesson that lockdown has taught me is to live every second of your life like it is the last one you got.

Not only this, I have also promised myself to make the most out of this time as well, because it is the most wanted rest that we wished to get from our hectic lives.

I wish I visited all the places I wanted do, without lazing around all those weekends.

The second lesson that I learnt is, we must do whatever we want to and love! We should not wait, we must grab the opportunity and do it!

I wish everything gets back to normal soon and we can live like before!

For now, Stay inside, stay safe!

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