List of Countries that are covid free

While some countries in the world are still battling with the second wave of coronavirus, there are some countries who have tackled the pandemic very well. These countries are not free from coronavirus. These countries have managed to fight off the coronavirus pandemic since it began in early 2020, reporting zero cases as of April 202. Check out the list of countries that have zero cases of COVID-19:

  • Israel 

After over a year, Israel went mass free in April with no recorded coronavirus cases. 

  • New Zealand 

New Zealand’s health officials said  there were no active cases of Covid-19 in the country. Most of its population is now vaccinated as well. 

  • Palau

Located about 800 miles southwest of Guam and over 500 miles east of the Philippines. It is an independent country free of Covid. 

  • North Korea

North Korea, the largest nation to report zero cases, with a population of 25 million. 

  • American Samoa

American Samoa consists of five islands and two atolls in the South Pacific Ocean. It is an unincorporated territory belonging to the United States.  

  • Tanzania

The country is totally corona free. Their president claimed that they are free of coronavirus because of the power of prayer. 

  • Fiji

Fiji became corona free in 2020. 

  • Seychelles

The island is free from coronavirus from last year only, they reported only 11 cases with no deaths. 

  • Papua New Guinea

The Pacific nation declared itself free of the coronavirus last year.

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